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《Everything's Rosie》勇敢的罗西 万事通女孩罗西英语发音无字幕共26集下载









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《Everything's Rosie》万事通女孩罗西英文版动画简介

Everything's Rosie是特别为3至6岁儿童製作的动画电视节目。小主角Rosie既精灵又充满正能量,她绝对是学前儿童的好榜样。深受朋友爱戴的Rosie将会带领小朋友在成长的路途上,体会学习的真谛和体验当中的生活。...


《Everything's Rosie》万事通女孩罗西英文版动画分集介绍:

How to Hide an Oak Tree
1/26. Rosie, Raggles and their friends try to make Oakley disappear for a game of hide-and-seek.

2/26. Bluebird makes Raggles disappear, but she has no idea how she can make him reappear.

How Will Got His Wings
3/26. Rosie comes up with a plan to enable Will's wish to fly to come true.

How to Teach a Bear to Meet the Queen
4/26. Big Bear is nervous after he receives an invitation to have tea with the Queen.

From Little Acorns Great Oakleys Will Sleep
5/26. Rosie decides to get Oakley's Little Acorns into shape as a choir.

The Curious Story of Holly and the Four Bears
6/26. Rosie turns director when everyone wants to put on a play of The Three Bears.

Raggles the Reporter
7/26. Raggles wants to start his own newspaper and so becomes a reporter.

Things That Go Glug in the Night
8/26. No one can get to sleep, because of a deep rumbling noise coming from outside.

Little Bear
9/26. Little Bear, Big Bear's nephew, has come to visit, and soon he is wreaking havoc.

The Mystery of the Four Feathers
10/26. Special items start to disappear, with a paper package left in their place.

How Rosie Mislaid Her Raggles
11/26. Rosie plays a game with Raggles, but she gets distracted and forgets all about him.

How Holly Got Her Groove Back
12/26. When Holly loses her natural dancing ability, Rosie tries to help her.

The Slowest Race That Ever There Was
13/26. Raggles challenges Will to a race, so Rosie she decides to help Raggles with his training.

Bossy Bluebird
14/26. Raggles is upset because his penny whistle is missing.

The Call of the Wild
15/26. Rosie and the others show Bluebird the wonders their little world has to offer.

Oakley and the Big Sneeze
16/26. Something is getting up Oakley's nose and he can't stop sneezing.

Skipping Bears, Talking Trees and Knitted Nests
17/26. Saffie wants to invite the Little Acorns over for a sleepover, but must ask Oakley first.

Looking After Little Bear
18/26. Big Bear decides to build Little Bear his first scooter as a surprise.

Super Will
19/26. Will decides to become a superhero, but no one seems to need his help.

When Did You Last See Your Nest?
20/26. Bluebird upsets everyone with accusations when she thinks her nest has been stolen.

The Greatest Show in the Garden
21/26. Rosie and her friends perform their special circus acts for Holly.

It's Time To Let It Go Little Bear
22/26. Little Bear takes home a Fluffy Bug with a hurt wing, who he calls Tickle.

The Last Snowball
23/26. Big Bear wakes from a long sleep to find he's missed all fun his friends have had.

24/26. Big Bear panics after he ruins a picture book he borrowed from Raggles.

Rosie's Swap Shop
25/26. Rosie sets up a real shop outside the playhouse, where people can swap chores.

How to Catch an Echo
26/26. The Twooter mysteriously moves, and Rosie thinks Will is responsible for strange goings-on

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